Kitchen storage ideas for Small kitchens in india

Hello there, here are some small kitchen storage ideas which can help blend usability with design.

Small Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

If you are struggling with storage these corner shelves can come in handy. You can stack up your plates, or use it to keep your roti belan and chakla.

When you are working with small spaces it is important you declutter and downsize the number of items you have in the kitchen. You do not need 20 spoons, just keep 6 or 12 spoons.

Reduce the number of pots and pans, also if an item can be used for 2 different tasks then keep only one.

For eg: I have kept one pan which I use for boiling soups, heating up curries, and also make chai ( tea) in that. This one step helped me get rid of 5 cookware.

Once you are left with a few items then we can easily optimize our available space to store these.

While deciding on where to store think ease of use.

Very small kitchen storage ideas

Plates can be stored vertically inside the cupboard to maximize space. I have drilled holes in my cupboard (over the sink).

I have placed a plate rack as shown below in that cupboard and when I wash my plates I place them directly in that rack. They drip dry and it simplifies my housework.

Creative small kitchen storage ideas

Under-shelf baskets can help you maximize storage space and keep kitchen items organised.

Not only do you get extra storage, for me it makes my cupboard look clutter free and I can find things quicker.

Kitchen closet and cupboard door organiser can help you store all the miscellaneous items which can make your kitchen look clean and tidy.

Everything must have its place

I use this shelf to store cleaning supplies. Some use it for storing baking paper, ziploc bags, kitchen tissue. You can get creative and use it the way you want.

Small kitchen wall storage ideas

Maximize your wall storage. Move what yo can to the walls. Do not pile things on the counter. Counter space is sacred. A clutter free counter also makes cooking in that space so much more fun.

You can use a hook like this to hand your napkins, or cups, or cutlery. I hang my sieve and my kitchen towels.

I also hang my kitchen knife and the kitchen cleaning blade on hooks.

Now all the kitchen cleaning cloths, the dish drying towels can be kept on this.

They are no longer lying around on the kitchen counter. The kitchen will look neat and tidy and this solution is very functional.

It is nice to rinse your rags (  I use dish soap to wash) then wring the water out and dry them on these racks.

Wall mounted storage is a must as it moves everything up an away from the counters which can then be used for cooking.

Knives, cups, cutlery, scissors can be moved onto the wall. This frees up your cupboard and counter space.

Small rental kitchen storage ideas

All of the above ideas can be used to maximise kitchen storage in a rental unit. If you have run out of cupboard space I like this

This can be rolled away and hidden in the gaps between the fridge.

Its perfect for storing those items which you might need to grab quickly and its easy to push them back in.

Cookbook storage ideas small kitchen

Cookbooks can be stored in wire baskets or in wicker baskets. you can also use the under the shelf baskets to store these.

Again it is very important you go through the cookbooks and keep only a few. If possible make a file with your favorite recipes and discard the magazines and cookbooks.

These were some kitchen storage ideas for small kitchen in India. I believe in simplifying the process. So before you invest in storage solutions I would recommend you first downsize, declutter and then decide what to store and where.

Once you know what you are keeping, store them by ease of use. If an item has a place, it will never be left lying around on the counters.

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