How to Organise Clothes in Small Cupboard

I have a very tiny cupboard for my clothes and keeping my cupboard organised has always been a challenge. I have some tips here on how to organise clothes in small cupboard.

The secret to how to organise clothes in small cupboard is to sort the clothes by type, frequency of use, size and colour. This makes it very efficient and doable. Another tips is to purge or declutter your wardrobe as often as you can.

I sort the clothes by colours, style, the frequency of use. For the shirts, tops, t-shirts I use the Konmari method of folding and store them in little baskets.

I find the plastic baskets are very useful for storing T shirts and tops because they stay in place.

I use the file system of storing the clothes. this makes it easy to store remove and put back the clothes. you simply need to pull the basket out take what you want and then push the basket back and that’s all.

One more reason why I like the plastic basket is that they are stackable. I don’t stack them one on the other but that is an option if you need more space.

Before you even start organising your small closet wardrobe or cupboard, I would recommend going through each and every piece of clothing you have and decide whether you want to keep it or not.

For this I use the konmari method for decluttering my closet. The konmari method says that you need to only declutter once but I feel that it is a way in ongoing process for me.

If you have been using the konmari method please to share if that is the case for you as well.

So let me walk you through the konmari process which I follow.
I pull out everything from my cupboard and then I sort it into three piles. the first file is the keeping pile, the second pile is the Giving away pile and the third pile is the throwing or trash pile.

This is how I start sorting through my clothes. I pick up each piece of clothing and ask myself do I want to keep it do I want to throw it or do I want to give it away.

I try to give away as many as I can but then there will be stuff which are not worth giving away so those go in the trash pile.

So finally I have reduced the mountain of clothes to the bare minimum which I need to keep. Maybe not the bare minimum but at least these are the clothes which I need to keep.

I go through these clothes one more time and the daily wear and the ones I know I really need everyday or so very often I keep them aside.

The rest of the clothes like the sweaters, expensive churidars, I will keep them separately.

Here is how I keep them away.

I store them in these saree bags. you can find them easily on Amazon.

They are pretty cheap and can be used easily. I just put the good clothes into these bags, zip them up and then put them in the diwan.

Now we have the final pile and all of these clothes need to go into my closet.

There are certain clothes which I would like to hang, please include those churidars which do not fold and stack up easily.

I prefer to hang those on the hangers and I prefer using Steel hangers stainless steel hangers.

Stainless steel hangers do not rust, they are very space efficient and also they last longer so I like to use them.

If you are the kind who likes to colour code your clothes or use different types of colours than use the plastic hangers that way you can colour code your clothes.

After I am from the clothes which need to be hung I am left with the pile of clothes which needs to be now folded and kept back into the cupboard.

How to store T shirts in closet

I like to fold the T-Shirts t-shirts the pants everything using the konmari method.

Please watch this video to understand how it is done.

Next I will put them into plastic container that I had mentioned earlier. This keeps them all organised and in one place. My cupboard tends to get messy at times.

Resorting them in plastic containers gives me peace and also give the illusion of a well organised space.

At this point I am usually left with one is the undergarments and the second is the thicker pants like the jeans sweatpants.

I don’t have many clothes as I have gone through a phase of minimalism. while I am no longer full minimalist as you might call them, but I do try to keep minimum clothing.

So as of now I have only one jeans one thicker pant and one sweatpant.  I fold them up using the konmari method and then I stack them.

How to store undergarments in wardrobe

For the undergarments I have to store bought sorters like the ones and showing below I put them in such things that makes it very easy to get them out when I need them.

How to store dupattas in wardrobe

Dupattas I generally hang them on the hanger.

I am planning the dupatta organising hangars as these make them look much more organised and clean. Though this is not a necessity at present because I do not have as many but it’s surely is something which I am aiming to add to my dupatta organising system.

This is how I organise my clothes in a small closet do let me know your ideas on how you would have done it or how you are doing it.

Do take the time to leave a comment I read each and every one of them and appreciate your time in leaving a feedback.

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