How to Arrange Combs – 7 Simple Ways to Arrange Combs

Combs are one thing which can go out of control pretty quick. We have all kinds of combs in our house. School day mornings can get very hectic and if you add to that the added burden of finding a comb it can get very stressful.

If you are wondering how to arrange combs here are my 7 ways on how to arrange them. I would recommend that you consider functionality, ease of use and some kind of arrangement which can reused and is easy to clean as well.

The girls use the long wide toothed combs, brushes and curler combs.

Howto arrange big Combs

For bigger combs you need holders which are sturdy and dont topple. I am always looking for functionality over design. i want it to be usable and resusable. Holders such as the one above and this one can be reused if needed.

There are times I switch them out to store toothpaste, sometimes I use them to store pens.

I prefer plastic ones as I can clean them easily, it doesn’t matter if they get wet ( no rust).

I can always paint them if I want to switch out the colours to match my new decor.

I like this product a lot because it is transparent and I can store my makeup along with the combs. I dont use too much makeup hence this works for me, it might not work for you.

How to arrange mens combs

The boys in our house prefer the round combs and I  found the perfect place to keep them.

Again these are multipurpose, I can move them around the house. I can decide to store small clips, or earrings, or even underwear.

It is always a good idea to buy products which you can reuse and are flexible,

There are wall mountable holders in the market. I like these for the kitchen and the bathroom as they require tiles to stick on to.

These are good for rental homes, no drilling no mess. The suction cup and adhesive strip make the products easy to install and can be used to store different products.

Another option to arrange combs on the countertop is by using these beautiful countertop organisers.

So elegant yet so functional. They can store a lot of things and look good as well.

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7 ways how to arrange combs

If you have no counterspace then take a look at these over the door storage units.

I use them to store combs, bindis, earrings and fancy jewelry.

Previously they housed my undergarments.

My tips on how to arrange combs in a  functional and beautiful way. What are your ideas ?

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